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Born in Santiago, Chile, 1984


I work from the direct experience with the place, decentralizing the cultural structures to feed new aesthetic experiences at local level and, at the same time, to open outwards the multiple dimensions of Patagonia as a creative platform. I want to develop sustainable social networks for information interchange between different uses and points of view about landscape, thus motivating exchanges between science and art, tradition and contemporaneity, praxis and poetics.

The artist and his/her interaction with other individuals through technical shared procedures are part of the work and the research about territory perception. Having a notable process orientation, the projects are based on collecting, filing and assembling formats and sources, organized in the same level to offer a fragmentary and unfinished reading which reanalyzes the official narrations from a socio-cultural context where all meaning constructions are mediated by the State.

Operating from a cultural and physical isolated territory, I believe that it is necessary to develop a collaborative local work and simultaneously develop interaction strategies between the center and the outskirts.


2003 – 2008    Bachelor of Fine Arts, Universidad Catolica de Chile.
2008 – 2009    Postgraduate studies in Arts Administration, Universidad Catolica de Chile.


2014                 Derrotero, cartographic research in the Strait of Magellan (Punta Arenas – Valparaíso).
2013 – 2014    Observatorio, research project about the territory developed at the Patagonian steppe.
2013                  Islaysen, creation and production of the rural residences project in Aysen. National Council for Culture and Arts
2013                  Guacas, artistic research about indigenous burial spaces, Quindío, Colombia. National Fund for Arts Development.
2012 – 2013     Lugares Nomadicos, solo exhibition about the field research about nomadism and archaeological landscape.
                           Regional Government funds.
2011                  Album Fotografico, collective research and exhibition at public space about the Aysen heritage photography.
2010                  Nociones de Lugar, solo exhibiton of paintings, Coyhaique Cultural Center. National Council for Culture and Arts
2008                   En Transito, collective exhibition of paintings. Santiago Library (Biblioteca de Santiago).


2014                 Conflicta, Punta Arenas, Chile.
2013                 Conversaciones desde Coliumo, Concepcion, Chile.
2013                 Residencia en la Tierra, Quindío, Colombia.
2007                 Little Giant Girl, Royal De Luxe company, Santiago.
2006                 Urban interventions in Valparaiso, Universidad de Playa Ancha, Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts, Paris,
                          Universidad Catolica de Chile.


2013                 Costumes and stage design of the play La parábola de los fantasmas borrachos, Teatro Ciudadano company,
                          Coyhaique Cultural Center.
2013                 Photographic recording of the Archeological Research about Tehuelches settlements in Aysen fjords, Universidad
                          Austral de Chile.
2010 – 2013   Art direction of the Patagonia Film Festival, Coyhaique.
2012                 Curatorship and assembly of the draw exhibition En sus tintas, Animal Gallery, Santiago.
2011                 Art direction of the dance play Movimientos y detenciones, Transhumantes dance company, Coyhaique National
2010                 Art direction of the medium-length film En el año de la cantaría píntate la boca, Caleta Tortel, Aysen.
2006 – 2008    Assistant for the creation of the private emergent art collection UNOART, Santiago.