Each landscape has its own materials, its own scale and so, its own expression. Wooden cattle gates at rural houses in the Aysen Region have lines that usually are repeated as well as wood proportions present in them. This rythm of abstract elements attracts the artist Olaf Holzapfel’s attention. The rythm that behind a real and visible form makes possible to describe the design of this fundamental aspect.

A characteristic of wooden cattle gates in the Patagonia are the two opposite structural diagonals, one in the inner side and the other in the outer side of gates. This crossing provides a particular form.

During modernism, the diagonal form was considered as an historical and out-of- context element, and here nevertheless it entails a basic form for the stability of the surface. Through his work, Holzapfel brings to mind a parallel between the knowledge and experience of muleteers and the contemporary engineers who think that the diagonal makes sense thanks to the optimization of computer calculations. This kind of historical constructions were not left in the past, but they are important standards used even nowadays.


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